Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Party in SoCal and how old are you, anyway ?

We've been back for a week, and I still haven't blogged about our family trip to Southern California. And now it's Wednesday, which means church tonight.

So... I think I will just limit myself to a few small paragraphs about our trip, and then post the photos. Don't ask me WHY I always feel the need to write a novel when I post. I don't think the Instagram and Pinterest generation read words anyway, do they ?

Which leads me to a question, before I talk about our vacation. (There goes my ADHD disorder again, causing me to jump from topic to topic, no common thread required. Enjoy the ride !)

Where was I ?

Oh, yes - a question.

How old are you, anyway ?

A friend and I were discussing the demographics of our blogs a few weeks ago... we were wondering if anyone under 50 actually reads blogs anymore. It seems to me that most Instagram users are in the 20-40 something crowd. They use cell phones as mini computers, rather than actually using them as phones (meaning to call people - in case you're under 40 and wondered what I meant). And judging by the comment section here, it seems that most (not all) faithful blog readers are like me... they are over 40, and still know what a book is. (It's got a cover and pages in between, where the words are written. Just in case you're in the YOLO generation and have no idea what that last sentence just meant.)

SO my question for you all is... how old are you ? If you - like me - would rather not type out your actual age (I'm over forty, let's just not discuss how far over) , than just leave a comment telling me which age bracket you find yourself in :) I really wold love to know who still reads this little bloggy, and also what makes you come back to read.

Every time I think about shutting down the blog and just posting pictures on Instagram (over 6,000 followers there, and it takes less time to post !) I get a lovely email from someone saying they have benefited from reading here. And if google stats don't lie, almost 50,000 pages are read here each month ... that's still a lot of people reading WORDS, even if we do all have to use our reading glasses to see them !

Okay, moving on quickly - because laundry and dishes are calling my name frantically at the moment - we had a great vacation in SoCal. We took two days to drive down to San Diego for my niece's wedding, and we made the most of those two days. We stopped at our favorite-ever family restaurant when traveling - Black Bear Diner - and took 42 billion pictures for memory's sake.

We love Black Bear Diner for so many reasons : large portions, real home cooking, good prices, clean  bathrooms and friendly service, funny menus and cute decor, and they serve real bacon for the win. Can't say enough about this place !!

We then drove four hours to Fresno, and crashed at La Quinta Inn for the afternoon. Sammy slept (he had driven all night) while the kids and I swam all afternoon. We hosted a diving/jumping contest for any pool attendees, and Abigail won for best freestyle jump. Noah was a close second.

We then spent a lovely evening resting and eating pizza and snacks while piled in two queen sized beds.

The next day we spent eight agonizing hours in the van with eight children  drove to San Diego.

We stopped just before hitting The Grapevine, to let the kids get out and play.

...and also take the obligatory selfie.

We spent Saturday with relatives and attended a lovely rehearsal dinner at Mission Bay. I didn't take any pictures there, but here is a pre-dinner shot of our youngest .

And one Kenzie took with our little Duckie ...

And one from Saturday morning - yay for booking adjoining rooms with extra fold-out beds, and double yay for Priceline.

Sunday was the wedding - it was beautiful and sweet, and somehow I didn't forget any wardrobe essentials for any of us when I packed. Miracles do happen.

jo and mo and macie

kenzie and my nieces

We headed back home Monday morning, and almost threw Hayden out the window on the way.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

As much as I love family vacations, it is so nice to be back in Oregon - green trees, air I can actually breathe, and a baby who is not stuck in a carseat screaming his precious head off.


Oh yeah- don't forget to take part in my little age group survey via the comment section. All participants will be sent a virtual hug.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jude And Fi

Just dropping in this weekend ....

... to share one of my very favorite online shops. Those darling, hand embroidered hair clips you see Lily wearing so often here on A Perfect Lily, are from Jude&Fi on Etsy.

Jude&Fi is a simple hair clip company started by one of my fellow Down syndrome mamas, Shannon B. Her daughter Fiona shares Lily's extra chromosome, and she makes the sweetest model for Jude&Fi hair clips.

You can also find Jude&Fi on Instagram @judeandfi ...

Right now @judeandfi is looking for four brand reps on Instagram . You can read more details by following @judeandfi on IG - Shannon is looking for all ages, abilities and hair types to model her popular hair clips. And when she reaches 500 followers, she has a giveaway going on for a set of clips as well !

I can't say enough about our favorite hair clips, or the sweet mama behind them. Everywhere we go I get asked where I got Lily's clips - they are just that cute.

my adorable grand baby, Norah Jane loves her Jude&Fi clips !

While these hair clips are unique and fun and exceptionally made, the best part about them is their functionality. Because they are made with special wig clips that comb right into the hair, they stay precisely where you clip them in. Lily has even gone to sleep at night with a clip in, and woken up with it in the exact same place.  I love every style available, including the ones I ordered today ...

Right now Jude&Fi is offering Lily's readers a ten percent discount on all orders placed through the month of July, by using code aperfectlily at checkout ... go check them out today !

Happy weekend :)


Friday, July 18, 2014

houston, we have a walker

I had a vacation post ready to publish this morning, but exciting events at The Rice Ranch have forced that blogpost to the back burner for now. This little video deserves a post all by itself.

 Clarification : I say "exciting events" in the very loosest sense of the phrase. Depending on who is watching the video, exciting could mean "cause for a party" ... or "cause for deep mourning and days of nostalgic tears".

Because our last baby just took his first steps, and we will not see a crawling baby at The Rice Ranch EVER AGAIN, unless it's our grand baby.

Which, I mean, is probably going to be happening for another twenty years or so, given that my kids will keep having kids and bringing them over to my house ...

But still.

I was in the "exciting" means "emotional" camp last night, and I may or may not have duct taped Hayden's legs together this morning.

If you need me this week, I'll be buried in baby photos and consuming large amounts of chocolate (my drug of choice), with a mountain of tear-soaked tissues beside me.

And if you even MENTION the words wean and Hayden together in one sentence, I might just chop your head off.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ADHD Mommies Unite

Currently, I am packing a small army to go out of state for a wedding this weekend. We're road tripping it, and I am ankle deep in over 100 outfits for the whole gang. This kind of thing is not for the faint of heart, lemme tell ya. It's a four-cups-of-tea kind of a day.

So naturally, when my back is against the wall on a deadline... I am blogging. It's my little rebellious heart at work I'm sure, denying that I have five hundred billion things to do right now, and doing the least important thing instead. 

Not that y'all aren't important, but...

You know what I mean.

So here's a happy photo from our fourth ...

... Hayden actually had a wonderful day being outside, but he did not want to be taken away from his happy place (sitting in dirt) to pose for a family photo. That's my little Macie girl on the left, our youngest granddaughter, wearing Lily's first fourth of July outfit. Next to her is the birthday boy - Koa turned three on July 6th, and Naomi and Jason threw him a big party on the fourth to celebrate. Norah Jane is her happy smiling self, and then there's Lily, sporting her new Wagon HelloMoccs . And then there's Hayden. My babies and my grand babies, all together in one accord. 

Mackenzie took this picture before we left for the party ...

See that genuinely pleased look on Hayden's face ? Its because he has five rocks in his chubby little fists, ready to hurl at the camera woman. Rocks, dirt, balls, and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of, dontcha know ? And ball point pens ..

 And little sister's shoes ...

Ignore the saggy diaper, he just woke up and went straight for the shoes. He's type A like that.

One more from the fourth of July (because my brain is going in five hundred billion directions, remember ? And I'm type B personality like that. And maybe a little ADHD thrown in there as well. Blame it on my non-paleo diet.)

Photo credit to my lovely daughter, Mackenzie.

A few more pictures to reduce my packing anxiety for the day (denial is a WONDERFUL antidote to stress, seriously, you should try it sometime.) (so is chocolate.)

Let's call this little series of photos Popsicle Wars.

Season One  ...

Season Two ...

and Season Three ...

Season Four is rated R, not intended for a family blog like this.

Okay, one more picture, and then it's back to the trenches for me.

If you love those Mommy's Make-up Moccs that Lily is rockin' like a boss, head over to Hello Moccs  and snag a pair.

If only these came in my size ...

...Wonder Woman Powers - ACTIVATE !!!

Peace out.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just a little thank you

Thank you, Heather Kaiser !!

Your Scentsy order for the month of June  helped me stay a consultant - woop woop ! If you heard loud cheering coming  from our neck of the woods on Monday night, it was me. And thank you mom, and Madae for placing orders already this  month... The Rice Ranch salutes you all !!

Happy Wednesday ! Xoxo

Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm on a three day Instagram break. 

I may be having some withdrawals.

I mean what do I do with great moments like these ? Keep them to myself ???

Someone help a sister out. Please leave a comment saying you like my picture and make sure to use a hashtag , okay ?

I'm kidding. 

Sort of. 

No really ...

I can quit any time I want to. 

Here's another pic... Feel free to "like" it as well. 

On a side note - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Jen Baker, Anne B., Linda Koba and Laura Womack for saving my bacon and placing a Scentsy order !!! I have 8 hours left and I need a $6 order to stay on as a Scentsy consultant - whoop whoop ! Sam has generously promised to buy something if it's 11:50 and nobody else has ordered . What a #hero.  

Oops, this isn't Instagram, is it ? #lololol 

No really, I'm not #addicted or anything. 

#pinterestanyone ??